Hello and welcome to my website! However you made your way here I am so glad to have you! If you look around my site you’ll find it’s short but sweet. I have a page telling you more about me and a page where you can read through all of my blogs!

As you can see my website is entitled “Brooke’s Adventures!” and I intend to have a lot of them! I come from a family of story tellers and jokesters so I grew up learning how to share my experiences, it is what I enjoy most of all.

You will also notice that my a majority of my blogs are from two years ago when I studied abroad. Coming back to the states and figuring out my path in the last two years has been an interesting journey to say the least! Now that I am more settled in certain areas of my life, I am looking for a fun and creative outlet once more. My answer? Blogging!

I believe the best expectations for a creative outlet are to have no expectations. That is to say I do not expect anyone’s approval of the content I choose to share, the reason I choose to share it and so forth. Creativity is not meant to be judged but enjoyed! I hope whatever you find on my site you come to enjoy it, share it, or happily continue on.

My blogs may range from my views on life, spirituality, travel, music, food, fitness, nutrition . . . essentially all aspects of my life!

So please take a look around, there is not much to see as of right now, but mi casa es su casa . . . unless you give me a reason to change my mind 😉

Cheers to adventures had, adventures of the day and the adventures to come!