About Brooke

Hi there! My name is Brooke and it is wonderful to meet you! What can I tell you about myself? I’m made of pure sunshine, big laughs, dark chocolate, the heart of a child, and the spirit of an adventurer. Wow, I sound pretty great! 😉

Before my ego gets too big, what can you expect to see on this website? Well, to be frank, I’m not quite sure yet! I have not blogged in two years, but I loved it so much and miss this creative outlet (even if it’s only my family and friends who read this 😉 ). My old blogs from my time studying abroad will remain on the website (woohoo!) so feel free to scroll through those and take a peek into past Brooke (I know I will be!).

In the meantime, I may blog about some of the small trips I have taken in the past two years since! Here’s to more of Brooke’s Adventures!