First week in England!! Where do I start?

Plane: None of you probably care about this aspect but I have never flown internationally before and it was such a different experience. First of all, there was NO ONE on my plane. So much room to stretch out and sleep. Score! Second, there was a blanket, ear plugs, head phones, eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks and a personal TV screen on the back of each head rest. So many scores! Thirdly, I got complimentary wine (biggest score by far) and my dinner was delicious! I slept for about four or so hours then the flight attendants woke everyone up for a “wakey wakey” breakfast. Thanks for that I guess, but I was still sleeping soooo….

Moving on!

Quick reminder: I am not in London. I flew into London, had to wait in the airport with the other arriving international students, then we took a shuttle directly to Leicester (pronounced Lester). I live about two hours north of London by bus.

The biggest differences off the bat were the accents; I’m still having a little trouble understanding what my English friends are saying. They don’t project as much as us Americans do (which would explain why they view us as so loud and obnoxious)and sometimes their words run together more so I’ve had to ask multiple people to repeat what they’ve said. Sorry English friends. You still sound cool. Also the roads: I’ve had a near miss. I have to look right first for cars driving from the right. OPPOSITE! I’m still struggling with that but I’m slowly getting used to it. I have ridden a double decker bus; it was not red and it was a quick ride but it was fun to run up to the second floor.

I still have not started any classes; those start on Monday. This whole week has been meeting other international students, meeting on campus to confirm classes, getting acquainted with the campus and where we live, and essentially getting settled.

Below are images of the house I live in, the door to my room, my room, this super cool and old English cemetery next to my campus, and a non-functioning telephone booth that wouldn’t open. There is so much more I could tell you but my friends are waiting to meet up with me so I have to cut this short. I’ll try to make my next post longer. Tata for now! 🙂

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