Birmingham Booya

This past weekend I visited Birmingham, England with some of my friends, just for the day though. It was extremely fun! We first stopped in this cool vintage store and they had a wonderful selection. So of course I purchased a few items for so cheap! Then from there we ventured through an indoor market with lots of vendors selling fabrics, hats, shoes, purses, toys, accessories, and so on. The market was cool to walk through and hearing all of the British accents. I don’t know if I will ever get over the sound of their accents. We continued our journey to the adjacent church and witnessed some beautifully detailed stain glass windows. All of the churches here are so so so so so old and absolutely beautiful and kept in great condition. It makes me sad that our churches today, especially back in the U.S., look so modern and uncomfortable compared to the old houses of worship I’ve seen in England. But that is simply the way the world works around these parts I suppose. Moving on, we walked through the mall. The malls here I have noticed have many of the same stores at the U.S. such as H&M, GAP, Urban Outfitters, Lush, and the English version of TJ Maxx, which is TK Maxx. Of course England has stores of its own including Primark and other stores that I simply cannot recall at this moment.

We did not stay at the mall long but soon wandered over to the nearby museum, which was simply astounding! There was a particularly excellent and educational room about how involved the Muslim community was with aiding England in the first world war. There were stories about migration and sacrifice, how so many lives were lost, many of which were Muslim. I had no idea about the diversity of troops England had so I truly appreciated getting to learn more about my ancestral country. Aside from learning about World War I, the paintings and sculptures were simply beautiful and moving. So much history in a single painting. It felt really good to look at art and get some more culture. We got a quick bite to eat afterwards at this wonderful place called Best Bites and I got a brie cheese and cranberry spread baguette for under 2 pounds! That is so unbelievably cheap for brie cheese; I was so excited and seriously enjoyed my baguette. 🙂 Then we headed over to CADBURY WORLD!!!! I went to a chocolate factory!! It was definitely made and designed for children but we still had fun. We learned about the history of Cadbury chocolate, how to get the cocoa beans from the cocoa pod, and the entire process of making chocolate. There are a multitude of steps to go from just a bean to an edible and tasty Cadbury chocolate bar. We even got to see some of the chocolate being made and formed. I was quite disappointed to learn that they only have one bar of dark chocolate and nearly thirty or so different milk chocolate bars. I want some dark chocolate!!  So I only bought a small dark chocolate bar. I still had fun because once again I was with a good group of friends and we had a lot of laughs. So that was my day in Birmingham. Not sure if I’ll visit there again. I think I may have gotten everything out of the city that I desire. But I do recommend going to Birmingham for the chocolate factory and the museum!! That’s all for now folks.


3 thoughts on “Birmingham Booya

  1. No kidding, only one dark chocolate bar!! Love the idea of museums! You can learn quite a bit about history through art. Sounds amazing!


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