Livin’ it up in Liverpool

Hey all! So this past Sunday I went on a journey to Liverpool. I’ll risk embarrassment and admit that I had no idea The Beatles were from there! Only upon arrival and through our tour guide saying we would start at The Beatles statues that I realized what was going on.

Before I start in on the city’s legendary band, driving into Liverpool it felt like an industrial city. There was a lot of graffiti, extremely modern buildings sitting directly next to old church buildings, and loads of construction. All point to signs of a city that wants to stay contemporary and moving in a forward direction. It is also a port city so there was a river that lead out to the English sea. The seagulls throughout the city reminded me of the ocean thus my love and craving to swim in the ocean so I really didn’t mind their presence.

We started our tour on the bus so we drove around the city and occasionally got off the bus for picture opportunities. First we saw some older buildings like an air ventilation building I think they called it but now I’ve forgotten and clearly I should learn to write this stuff down so I can provide you all with accurate information. Anyways, there were some other older buildings, one of which is being turned into a pop music museum. Our tour guide said multiple times that Liverpool is the music city of England so a pop music museum makes sense. We saw The Beatles in statue, all about 7 feet tall or so. The whole city seems to be proud of the band and the fact that they formed and originated in Liverpool because there are different forms of dedication for them everywhere, such as the statues we saw, a few buildings had illustrations of them, and especially Mathew Street. I’ll get to that in a minute. We also drove on and stopped on the Penny Lane that inspired the song for The Beatles. It was just so cool to drive through a city that used to be home to normal people who turned into musical legends. Bizarre and cool. So Mathew Street has more of a outdoor sipping centre feel to it because cars cannot drive down the street for one, and also it is more laid out as cobblestone sidewalks with little space from one shop across the way to the other. There are bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and of course, The Cavern. But I’ll get to that in a second. There’s also a bar/pub called The Grapes where John, George, Paul and Ringo would run to for a quick beer in between songs or gigs at The Cavern, which was about fifty feet up the way. So The Cavern is where The Beatles performed 292 times. So only a handful of times clearly. No big deal. Across from The Cavern is a brick wall and nearly every single brick is inscribed with the name of the artist or band who has performed at The Cavern including The Beatles, The Wanted, Arctic Monkeys, Little Stevie Wonder, and so many more it’s absolutely insane. So The Cavern itself is set underground with the walls all made of bricks, a fairly small stage for performances actually, a narrow and long layout eith small tables on the sides and a cleared out space for dancing. I stood not two feet from where the Beatles performed. Um so I feel a little cool I guess. I’ll probably put it on my resume just in case though. Can never be to prepared am I right? So my friends and I hung out there for a bit , listened to live music (they do covers of so many bands and have a Beatles night every Saturday night), admired all the dedications to The Beatles and other bands who have played there, looked at the old merchandise set in cases that they used to sell and basically just basked in the glory of The Beatles. It was really cool. We did eat at a restaurant and that was good but nothing terribly exciting, and walked around the docks and saw some shops. For me the highlight was Mathew Street and The Cavern. The drive there and back took far too long for my taste so we did not get to enjoy more time in Liverpool. I doubt I’ll have a chance to visit there again while I’m here but for any Beatles fan who ever visit England, GO TO LIVERPOOL. I shouldn’t have to tell you twice. You will not regret it. So that is my Liverpool adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog.



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  1. Awesome Brooke writing Brooke. Like a story I’m reading and feel like I am there experiencing what you experienced! Thank you for using the writing gift God blessed you with!


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