Copen-hagen out in Amsterdam 

That’s a bad title. Definitely not my best. So I’m going to do a two-in-one blog post because it is actually pretty hard to keep up with blog posts and technology in general. This post will include my time in Copenhagen and Amsterdam (in case the title didn’t clue you in). I know for a fact that I will miss details but if you’re lucky enough to know me, I’ll get to tell you more in person back in the states. 

So Copenhagen! I’ll be completely honest. I had no idea what to expect (basically hoe it had been for every city so far) and I very quickly realized I knew essentially nothing about Denmark. But I can also honestly say I genuinely enjoyed myself and the city of Copenhagen. The first day was cold and rainy. It sucked. But our tour guide (we did the free walking tour again) was very witty and optimistic so he made the weather seem not so bad. We did the free walking tour (amazing) then quickly after did a food tour! The food tour was phenomenal. I quit the vegetarian lifestyle for three hours to try some authentic and delicious danish meat. (I have since returned to my vegetarian lifestyle). We had a hot dog from a hot dog cart (they are everywhere in the city which is why it was part of the food tour), then sampled some beer at this beer tavern (that sold 61 beers!!), then had an open-faced sandwich (basically a regular sandwich without the top face bread) which is extremely popular in Denmark, then had a fiskefrikadeller (kind of like a mashed fish patty I guess) in this super cool market where we also finished it all off with a delicious chocolate-coated meringue dessert. If my very few and limited words do not relay to you how delicious the food was, then let me say that everything I had was absolutely delicious!!! Danish food is great. And expensive. Absolutely everything in Denmark is freaking expensive. Emma and I ended up getting a loaf of bread, some Nutella to spread on the bread, and, I kid you not, baby food ( I’ll admit it was tasty, must be nice to be a baby). So that’s what we wait for breakfast and sometimes dinner. ALSO, Hans C. Andersen was from Copenhagen, aka the man who brought The Little Mermaid to the world! My man! The bomb dot com! So there is a little mermaid statue in Copenhagen and I think you can all imagine how excited I was to see the statue of THE little mermaid that I was (and still am) obsessed with since a child. It was a good moment. Emma and I did a lot of walking around, just enjoying the city; we stopped and sat on a park bench and just talked and told stories for an hour. That’s what I really love about this trip. Emma and I have managed to find time to sit and appreciate the city we’re in and end up talking about nothing and everything. It doesn’t matter what city we’re in, we are having memorable conversations that make the cities more meaningful and memorable to us. Absolutely wonderful. But moving on. We also did an alternative tour that showed us the red light district of Copenhagen, taught us about the drug situation, and took us to Christiania. Okay. I had NO IDEA what Christiania was but it was mind blowing. Basically, Christiania is its own small city/society within Copenhagen that has its own currency and laws. I can’t recall if it is officially recognized as a city by the country’s government or not, but everyone knows about it. So with Christiania, everyone has to unanimously vote you in to their city and they help you build your house. That’s right. You build your own house. Oh yeah, everyone openly smokes giant blunts. So we basically walked through a huge stoner, pot festival except that was normal daily life for them. Now one would think because of the weed that people who lived there are in their twenties or so, but guess what? There are three kindergartens in Christiania! People raise their children there! Now not everywhere in Christiania are people smoking pot. There are some non-smoking kind of areas but honestly the whole experience was kind of bizarre and like I said, mind-blowing. Very cool and interesting to learn and see a city within a city that functions so differently. So all in all, I really enjoyed Copenhagen. It has an interesting history, which I can explain to you in person or you can Google it, everyone is generally happy, over 50% of the citizens don’t own a car and just get around by bike, and the food is delicious. Cheers to Copenhagen!

Now to Amsterdam. Okay. I LOVE the canals! They bring such a beutiful scenery to the city. Again we did a free walking tour where I learned there are 1,300+ canals and 94 islands. That’s insane! It was so cool. So far, I think Amsterdam is fighting pretty hard to be my favorite city scenic wise (don’t get me wrong, I still love the Ireland countryside more). And like Copenhagen, everyone is riding bikes (the canals make it hard for driving). Unfortunately, I did not get to go in the Anne Frank house. When we were booking and planning for Amsterdam, tickets were already sold out. You have to book really far in advance so that was a bummer but I know the story and history. Plus Anne Frank is not the only one who hid. Our tour guide reminded us that there was roughly 1,800 people in hiding throughout Amsterdam. So tragic and solemn to think about. But into much different tones, I saw the infamous Red Light District. It was bizarre to see prostitues in windows trying to get customers. Yeah that was just weird. And then the coffee shops! Okay, to clarify, you go to a cafe for real coffee and you go to coffee shops for uh, how should I say this, uh Christmas trees!  Sure, that’s a nice and fun way to replace the “mari-Juana” word. The coffee shops have to sell coffee, legally that is, but they are exclusively known for selling Christmas trees. Everyone knows about it, the police, the church, grandmas and grandpas, even adolescent children, but there is a silent agreement between everyone that as long as no one is being harmed, then it’s all good. Enjoy all the Christmas trees you would like. That system would NOT go well in America. Granted a few states have legalized Christmas trees but a majority of the motherland is not for Christmas trees. Bah humbug to them! But I just thought it was so different that even though Christmas trees are illegal, everyone still buys them! People even take and um light up their Christmas trees on the streets. So again, as long as you’re not harming anyone, no one is going to stop you. Again, interesting. Aside from Christmas trees, Amsterdam has some other cool things going on like the Van Gogh museum! Super cool museum! Learned a lot about the artist and it was simply amazing to see so many beautiful pieces of work up close. I love art. His paintings are so abstract and yet so clear and definitive. It was bizarre; I could see every individual brush stroke that made up the whole painting. Beyond cool. There was also a cool tulip market that we walked through. Okay, there are literally SO MANY DOFFERENT KINDS OF FLOWERS THAT ARE NOT IN THE UNITED STATES. Ever heard of a black tulip? Neither had I! Honestly so many different kinds of flowers, it was so cool. The market mostly sold seeds and bulbs to plant all these wondrous different flowers but there were some flowers for purchase too. OH! So every country I’ve been in (including my current country of Belgium) has at least three vintage stores. Europe loves its vintage! And I totally scored and was blessed by the gods and found a wonderful oversized jean jacket that is probably from the 90s and it is glorious and was made for me. I felt like the newest and bestest version of myself when I put it on. It was amazing. 

Okay. I definitely did not include everything in this post but it is really hard to blog on an iPhone when I always have shitty wifi so my apologies for not having the most amazing and fulfilling blog posts. I do my best as a traveler. I’m currently in Belgium and I leave tomorrow evening to go to Barcelona! So next week there will be a Belgium/Barcelona blog! Also my pictures. I’m only going to put a few up with the blog post because it takes a lot longer to upload the photos onto the blog through my phone. It’s just easier for me this way so again, I’m sorry that this is not the all-inclusive blog you hoped for. But the main thing is I’ve been safe this entire time and I’m having a wonderful time. 


Oh! Ps- I still am unable to caption the photos so more apologies!

One thought on “Copen-hagen out in Amsterdam 

  1. Brooke that was so interesting about the city within a city; never knew or even heard of it. Thanks for teaching us about the world while you travel. Love to you and stay very safe from your fairy god-mother.


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