Let’s Pretend We’re Dancing in the Streets…of Barcelona!!

Thanks Ed for giving me a great title to my blog for Barcelona! You did that just for me right? Of course you did! Ed sheeran and I are great friends everyone. I’ll get to Barcelona in a second but while I’m talking about Ed Sheeran, fun fact! It turns out Emma and I have been unintentionally stalking him! He was in Amsterdam at the same time as us, but we didn’t know that until we had left. Then a few days ago we learned that he gave a concert in Barcelona while we were in Barcelona! My question is why hasn’t Ed tried to find us and hang out?! Clearly Emma and I are a fun time!! Maybe he’ll figure it out in Italy. 

Beautiful Barcelona! Such a beautiful city. That is probably my biggest compliment to Barcelona. It’s beauty. So unique, colorful, refreshing, lively and beautiful! Second biggest compliment is the food! Delicious food that always tasted fresh! Beautiful and fresh are the two words I could use to best describe Barcelona. Any time I had fish, it tasted like it was right out of the ocean and never frozen! Exquisite seafood. Had some fruit a few times and felt like a Greek goddess. Why isn’t fruit this fresh in the states? Nevermind, I don’t want to go there. But there was this one instance when Emma and I walked through a food market (one of my new favorite activities) and got a cup of fresh juice to go. I got a pineapple and orange juice. I kid you not, it literally tasted as if someone squeezed all of the juice from the pineapple and all of the juice from the orange into my cup, gave it a good stir, then put a straw in it and handed me basically the Holy Grail. I don’t think I will be able to drink store bought orange juice when I get back because I’ll know it’s not fresh. It will not taste like I’m putting a straw directly into an orange. What a bummer. I also had paella, a specialty cuisine in Spain. It’s a big pan of rice with seafood, like mussels, shrimp, crawfish, and clams (but you can get meat or vegetables instead). Very tasty! Not really sure what seasonings were used but it wasn’t spicy (I was a little worried) and tasted really good. The U.S. definitely cannot make paella. Don’t get paella in the states folks. 

Our first full day in Barcelona was probably my favorite. We didn’t do any tours and had no plans whatsoever. We roamed the streets, found ourselves at some coin market (that was kind of funny, very random), came upon markets (so many beautiful scarves, jewelry, purses, all handcrafted), found the ocean (beautiful but FREEZING! Too early in the year for a swim, even for me), got great food for lunch, and really just took in the city. At the beach, men are walking around yelling “mojitos!” because they’re trying to sell small cups of mojitos just like the guys sell cotton candy and cracker jacks at a baseball game. It was funny but also kind of annoying because they come up to you and try to get you to buy their mojitos so roughly ten different guys came up to us offering mojitos. No gracias! (Although we caved and got two for super cheap because we were “bonitas” (; ). The beach we were at was pretty crowded, passed by two topless women, some happy, chubby older men jumping into the freezing water and laughing, an older woman who didn’t care who saw her and took her shirt off, and the beautiful blue ocean. I love myself a beach. 

We had three full days total in Barcelona so the other two days we did walking tours, got food with people from our tours, roamed more of the city, and learned a lot more about the history and architecture. Speaking of architecture, I HAVE to tell you about Gaudi! I didn’t know about him until our tour. He is FAMOUS in Barcelona, absolutely beloved by the people, and famous all over the world. Sadly he passed away many years ago (1940s I think) but the city still remembers him. That is probably because so much of his astounding architecture is all over the city! When you think of Barcelona, Spain, you picture buildings with no straight lines but curves and swirls, unique structures and visually appealing fronts, definitely nothing bland, right? That’s Gaudi for you! He has such an interesting life story. At the age of 31 (I think), he had a divine intervention and became completely devoted to God, thus why he took on the project of La Sagrada Familia. He was not originally on the construction plans but took over a year or so into the process. La Sagrada Familia is a massive cathedral still under construction today! It has been under contraction for roughly 135 years! It has taken so long because no government money has gone into the project. It is all family money and donations from the people and tourists. You can tour inside the cathedral but unfortunately it was all booked up. However, the outside of the cathedral is just as interesting as in the inside! I’ll have to explain more in detail to those I’ll see in person back home because it’s easier to explain while pointing to certain images on a picture. But essentially, the story of Jesus is structured into the walls of the cathedral. It’s insane, not only is the entire story of Jesus literally on the walls but every little detail has a religious meaning. Gaudi was an absolute genius. My pictures cannot do justice to his brilliance. That’s the saddest part about traveling, none of my photos can capture the entirety of the beauty that I see. Only in person can one fully appreciate the view because it’s not just the images you see before you, but the sounds, the heat of the sun, feeling the breeze on your arms, and your eyes darting everywhere noticing so many different details that you almost get light headed because your eyes can’t focus. A picture cannot capture that. It’s an experience, not just visual. 

Scenery, architecture, palm trees, all beautiful. Food all fresh and delicious! I would definitely go back to Barcelona! A lovely, laid back culture full of creativity and passion. Makes me want to visit more of the country. 

Obviously there’s more but it feels impossible to share every single detail so please enjoy the photos and treat yourself to a tasty sangria! I did! 

Thanks everyone! Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend We’re Dancing in the Streets…of Barcelona!!

  1. Brookie WOW!!!!! What can a person say? The buildings and walkways or some that look like alleys; how wonderful to walk around and absorb all of it. I am so jealous ; but at the same time so happy for you as this will be yours alone for the rest of your life. When you are old memories my pet you will have. Love to you always: your godmother.

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  2. I knew you’d enjoy Barcelona! Wonderful city. Warm, charming and friendly. Just like you Brookie! It’s so nice to see your pretty face! I miss you!!!!

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