Venice…the tragically sinking city…that is not actually sinking…oh and Rome

One thing I learned is that Venice is not sinking! Actually, the water is rising because of global warming. How tragic! A beautiful and historic city is drowning in the effects of humans’ disregards for the Earth. That was the more upsetting and morbid fact I learned.

Buuuuuut Venice was absolutely beautiful!! That place is a damn labrynth or maze! Sometimes you turn to a dead end and have to turn around and go right instead of left, or you have to go left then over the bridge then immediately left again then take a sharper right turn down a narrow alley leading out to a larger walking path but you still have to be looking for your next right turn down another narrow alley. I feel like I’ve given you an idea. It would be so easy to get lost in that city!

We got two-day passes for the water buses which worked really great for us as that is literally the only way to get around and our hostel was not on the main island. There’s the main island and a separate island; the distance between the two makes up the larger canal that cruise ships use. On the main island there are six districts which are useful in knowing which part of the island you are, they help in terms of a reference point. We got delicious pizza, basically toured the city by water bus (I could stay on that boat all day long), had delicious treats, walked around and got lost, miraculously found the best and cheap places to eat, found a park, learned about the history on a walking tour, got to do laundry at our hostel (it was necessary believe me), and did some shopping around. I honestly think my favorite thing to do in cities is roam around and just happen upon cool stores, places to eat, landmarks, monuments, etc. It is such a fun and laid back way to discover the city. I have always been happily surprised. Kind of like that phrase ignorance is bliss. I don’t know what to expect always so I am happily surprised anytime I learn, see or do something that is known for the city. Speaking of which, I did not do a gondola ride because it was €80 for only thirty minutes and that is simply too expensive. I could take myself on a kayak for the whole day around Venice for not even half the price. I don’t really know what else to say about Venice. It’s amazing how it was founded, built upon, how it’s developed and so on but I’m not going to talk about it on here. I think it would be cool for whoever reads this to research it yourself because it has been fun to learn and I want you all to have fun learning. I also have horrible internet connection so I can only write so much.

Rome! The last Italian city we visited. We did it all! Saw the colosseum, the pantheon, roman forum, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Vatican museum, and the Vatican City. Wow. Rome is a city whose history has been taught to me through bits and pieces throughout my life. I’ve heard stories and I’ve seen pictures….but when I walked into the Sistine Chapel and saw the iconic image of mannearly touching fingers with God being held up by angels, I was overwhelmed. The entire Sistine Chapel was absolutely beautiful. Oh my gosh. Thinking about it again I still feel speechless. It was forbidden to take photos but I was fine with that. I wasn’t distracted by taking pictures so I just stood and admired everything. I really got to absorb it all. I was with a tour so my time with the Chapel was limited. It would take way too long to admire each image. But wow. Speechless! Also, St. Peter’s Basilica is the most extravagant interior I have ever witnessed in my life. It really made me think why a holy place had to be so extravagant. But religion is not what these blog posts are about, although I did say a prayer in the chapel inside the Basilica which felt so amazing to do. It was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know that I will ever see a more expensive, holy, over-the-top, sacred or beautiful interior like that ever again. It cannot be compared to.

A fun fact about Rome is all of the ancient structures (such as the colosseum or the pantheon) are lower than the buildings and roads of modern day. This is because the city of Rome today, modern Rome, is built upon the rubble of Ancient Rome. So wherever you walk, you are essentially walking over the historic and ancient ruins of one of the most innovative, progressive and impressive cities of the ancient times. That was so weird to hear and wrap my mind around. I definitely looked straight down at my feet when I heard that one.

It was also so much fun to toss a coin and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain! Ever since The Lizzie McGuire Movie when Hilary Duff made a wish in th  Fountain and she sings this is what dreams are made of, it was definitely a small dream of mine to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain! Dreams really do come true! I remember exactly what I wished for so when it comes true, I’ll have the Trevi Fountain to thank!

Rome was bittersweet because we had been in Italy for two weeks so we got used to the language, the food (oh my goodness the food), the culture (although each city has such a different culture), and of course the wine. It was also a sad reminder that we only had one more stop before returning to England and then back HOME to the states. I am currently in Greece and cannot wait to blog about it. Please enjoy a few photos (a few because it’s difficult and time consuming to load a lot) from Venice and Rome. Know that someway and somehow I will load more pictures as well as I will be back stateside in just over two weeks! Time flies by way too fast. We cannot waste our lives! Carpe diem!

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