Venice…the tragically sinking city…that is not actually sinking…oh and Rome

One thing I learned is that Venice is not sinking! Actually, the water is rising because of global warming. How tragic! A beautiful and historic city is drowning in the effects of humans’ disregards for the Earth. That was the more upsetting and morbid fact I learned. Buuuuuut Venice was absolutely beautiful!! That place is […]

Fire! I mean Firenze … and Levanto too

Two Italian cities down! I’ll be covering Florence and Levanto in this blog post. Both were amazing for different reasons. But first, we eat! Having arrived in Florence in the late afternoon/evening, there wasn’t much left to do but eat (we were also starving). How excited we were! About to have our first reali Italian […]

Let’s Pretend We’re Dancing in the Streets…of Barcelona!!

Thanks Ed for giving me a great title to my blog for Barcelona! You did that just for me right? Of course you did! Ed sheeran and I are great friends everyone. I’ll get to Barcelona in a second but while I’m talking about Ed Sheeran, fun fact! It turns out Emma and I have […]

On the Streets of Dublin! … and the Cliffs of Moher …and the Guinness Storehouse … now I’m just giving everything away … crap

Wow so Ireland was amazing. What’s really weird is that I’m lying in my hostel bed in Copenhagen, Denmark writing about the time I spent in Ireland. Craziness. Side note, I had already written up this entire blog but then technology decided to take me back to the home page of my phone and the […]

5 and 1/2 weeks = 39 days = 936 hours = 56,160 minutes = 337,000,000 seconds

Hey everybody! Nothing out of the ordinary is happening this week other than the fact that I have been busy writing essays for classes, packing, last minute travel-size shopping, and just preparing to leave for 39 days . . . as I think you may have guessed by the title. Holy hidden City of Atlantis. I will be traveling […]